Live score card of cricket matches in apps and websites

Following are the websites where Cricket match live score card is available.  Cricket has a huge following in India, Australia among other countries, many fans working in offices find it tough to be in office and work while a game of cricket is going on. Their anxiety increases especially when team India is playing and doing well. So here is a treasure trove of websites and mobile apps for the live cricket scores, updates and match situations.

cricket live score app
Download the best app for cricket live scores


# Very popular website to see cricket live scores.
# It refreshes every 55 seconds.
# Gives ball by ball commentary.
# The website also gives news about the match. Really worth reading if you can’t watch the match on TV.
# One can find the live scores of even the domestic cricket of all nations.

# Only the current batting partnership or bowlers in operation are mentioned on the score card. Other information can be found after few clicks.
# The score look ugly as colur combination is very bad.
Information about players who has hit number fours and sixes is not available on the main page.

Cricket Live Score app
Cricket Live Score app


Good and extremely well followed by fans. Gives ball by ball commentary with expert opinion about wickets, centuries are displayed.

3. Yahoo cricket live score with live score card
Very popular in India and other test playing countries.


From Reliance stable. Live scores, bulletins and updates are available.


# Colour combination is very good, or I should say the whole page looks pretty. Indeed user friendly
# Gives match situation in bold letters.
# Pictures of match is provided for those who likes to pictures of the match.

# No automatic refresh, user has to click the refresh button for latest score.
#No ball by ball commentary of the match.


# The score card has a very nice look.
# Displays batting and bowling details of both the teams on the same single page.
# Auto refresh recent score.
# Offers a desktop score card, which is very small for easy download too.
# Information about the upcoming matches for which they will show the live scores is also exhibited.

# Due to some technical difficulty gets hanged very often.
# No commentary about the match. They just provide overall scores are provided


# Quickly refreshes itself, so latest score can be seen.
# Ball by ball commentary of the proceeding is available. The commentary is the best as they discuss the dismissals in detail and explain how the batsmen was out in humanly manner.

#Very unpopular, comes to life only if any major tournament


# Score card of a live match is very nicely provided by this website.
# Very quickly refreshing itself, thus give the very latest score.

# Ball by ball commentary is given, not in the manner to be enjoyed. Comments are not available, what it has is jus the words and numbers.


# Official website of International Cricket Council, very authentic and latest.

10. Live Cricket Streaming, Live Cricket Score & Match Highlights on Hotstar

Hot star is very popular in India. It gives commentary and bulletins with streaming live

11. Live Score Card Cricket – Zee News – India

From another media house which is largely popular. All news updates, scores and matters concerning cricket are available.

12. Cricket live score app

Cricket Live Score Card app
Cricket Live Score app

One more thing – if you have missed the whole match, I suggest you is the best for live score card for those who missed an entire match because of the best images they provide of that match. They provide huge amount of pictures of just concluded match and every one of them will be very nice. Its a good way to live the cricket moments that we missed. And if nothing helps, come back to this simple website of ours, or our apps. We’ll try to tell you all about that match form a general spectators point of view.


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