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Crowded schedules cricket: Cricket lovers believe is unsustainable for those who play in the IPL. So ICC announced a plan this week to ease players workload. But it appears to be undermined by the introduction of a second IPL.

The ICC is pondering over a proposal of cricket committee at its annual conference in ­Edinburgh that would reduce the amount of time spent playing and travelling each year by introducing a Test championship and a one-day league.

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While ICC is considering this fixture, the Indian board hopes to jam in a “mini IPL” this September. The ICC committee has ­pushed a plan to introduce a Test match championship and a league system for the 50-over game. Each side would play three matches in an ODI tournament with the aim to play them in blocks so that Australia, for ­example, could play three in Sri Lanka and three in India or South Africa without the need to return home between series.

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Cricketers who competed in all formats played by a spent on average 280 days away from home. Experts said that in the two-year cycle almost every player broke down at some stage and something needed to be done to avoid this.

If it keeps going like this, with players playing IPL as well, they are inevitably going to break down. Hopefully changes will happen at the ICC and then one can see a refined schedule which will be better.

It’s getting harder for them to play all forms with the current schedule. If they don’t play IPL they can do it, but that’s a tough conundrum for them.

Experts said it was understandable that players

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would be drawn to the IPL because it maximised their earning capacity. ­Administrators have struggled to deal with the lure of the lucrative Indian domestic tournament.

Some key players are believed to have been offered longer ­contracts to keep them out of the league but now they find the ­Indians planning to expand the tournament.

BCCI president Anurag Thakur announced last Friday plans to have a 15-match IPL in September. “In the month of September, the BCCI is willing to host a mini IPL or IPL overseas,” he said.

It is understandable that players were under too much strain with the current fixture arrangement.

It’s not so much the cricket, it’s the travel to these places. You’re on the road, you have training and all that stuff.

Indeed very tough for cricket players.

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