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Your daily dose of Cricket - Enjoy News, live blog feeds , live scores and much more. The best Cricket 365 24/7 information app to offer fast Cricket News Feeds from the best cricket news around! Download now from Google app store.

Cricket scorer

Cricket is all about the players -their runs, wickets and everything in between. Under development!

Vuvuzela Cricket sounds

Amazing Vuvuzela sound air horn mobile app easily the most fun sound app! Turns your Android phone into an air horn. Download it now. Let the IPL T20 cricket stadiums reverberate with the sounds of the Vuvuzela air horn! Vuvuzela sound air horn is an noise maker app for Brazil football and IPL cricket stadiums

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Live Cricket Scores app | Cricket Player stats

Under major revamp development

New: Cricket schedules app.

Cricket pundits rated best Live Cricket Scores app: All information on India-Australia, world cup,IPL T20 2019, and speed check for all cricket sporting extravaganzas.

Under development

Complete coverage of cricket news, feeds, schedules of all International cricket, World Cup, World T20, leagues and other major cricket tournaments. Free app download, with updated cricket news feeds from more than 20 sources, and also cricket live score, cricket info, latest cricinfo ipl news.

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Are you a cricket expert? Are you looking for a platform to air your cricketing views? Are you an avid cricket follower and like writing about the game and the latest cricket happenings? Become an expert here to express your views now.

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Simple and intuitive design built on our full-featured Cricket app
Popular and widely used Cricket app.
Get fastest scores, upcoming matches list, results on important match moments.
It is the best android and iOS cricket app to take your love for the game to the next level and stay updated with all the latest happenings.

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